What’s all this talk about funnels?

Marketing funnel. Sales funnel. Conversion funnel. They all point to the same thing: taking a potential customer through your sales process easily and effectively so that they become a paying client. Really, that’s all it is. Sales & Marketing 101. But in today’s world, the funnel concept has become more sophisticated because of the awesome … Read more

Show the Footer Some Love

Show The Footer Some Love! We always concentrate so much on the homepage of our website and how pretty it looks and if it has information on it that people want and need. But how often do we pay attention to what we put in the footer of our website? Increasingly the footer is becoming … Read more

Good Design Needs Repetition

I’m sorry….can you repeat that? Pretty much every member of my immediate family has a terrible habit of telling the same stories over and over. It used to be something I saw in my parents; I’d kind of roll my eyes and chuckle as the same stories seemed to come up time and time again. … Read more

All About SEO

All About SEO Let’s face it. You just spent time and money building your site and you want your customers to be able to find you. One of the first things that are clients will ask us when we have completed their website is, “How can I be found on Google?” The term for that … Read more