Mind Your Business (Card)!

Did we get your attention? A good business card design should do just that. It’s an awfully small piece of real estate—the standard business card is 2 x 3.5 inches—that has a big job to do. Your business card should reflect your brand, look professional, and deliver your contact information in a clear and concise way. All the while, it should stand out and make the person you pass it to say, “hey, great card!”  Here are a few of our suggestions.

Consider an alternative shape or stock.

Step outside of the… rectangle. Consider a box. Square business cards are super cool and immediately set your card apart from all of the others in the rolodex. And if you’re saying no one uses those anymore, then it’ll stand out in stack of rectangles! With a square card, what you lose in surface area (a whole 1/2 an inch) you gain in the memorable factor. Not square? Hey, us either! Maybe rounded-corners are more your thing or an out-of-the-ordinary stock selection might be fitting for you.

Square Business Card Design for Beach Rose Floral Design by MavroCreative LLC

Business Card Design for DowneyBurke by MavroCreative LLC in Hingham MA

Stay true to your brand.

While we suggest making your card stand out, we don’t mean that you have to use flashy colors or funky fonts just to get attention. If you’re a part-time clown for hire on the weekends, heck yea we’re using every color of the rainbow on your business card. A personal shopper with hipster style might be best represented by a trendy hand-written font. However, lawyers or accountants probably don’t want their card to pop in the same way. Allow simple and intentional design choices to elevate your business card above the cookie cutter ones available online. Your clean and effective design will stand out in that non-pop kind of way that’s fitting for your business.

Business Card Design for Vincent Genna by MavroCreative LLC in Hingham MA

Have it professionally designed:

There are plenty of online resources for picking a business card design that isn’t offensive, but isn’t all that great either. Those cards just don’t have that personalized feel because, well, they’re not personal. Also, imagine the horror: your competitor might be picking the same online design template! When you work one-on-one with a real person (ahem, read MavroCreative), your card is one-of-a-kind and truly reflects your style because it was made just for you.

Business Card Design for Scented Gel by MavroCreative LLC in Hingham MA

Print it your way.

We ask our clients choose their own printing method. You might be a loyal customer to a specific online print shop or maybe your neighbor owns a local shop and gives you a great deal. Maybe, though, you do want a little help getting your beautiful new design from a PDF and on to paper. After we wrap a design, we always suggest our favorite local printer but never pad our design pricing for printing. We will make an introduction to a printer who we know is equal parts awesome and affordable, and then step out of the equation so the two of you make your own magic.

Business Card Design, Rounded Corners, by MavroCreative in Hingham MA

So, make it your business to have a business card that you’re proud of. Know that with a stylish card design, you might go through your stash a little faster. What good is that box of 500 doing collecting dust in your desk drawer anyway? Contact MavroCreative today to chat about business card design.


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