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The 3-Step Framework for Building Your Website the easy way!

Free Workshop!

The 3-Step Framework for Building Your Website the easy way!

Planning your website? Here are the 4 key questions you need to ask

Post-it notes.

Dry erase board.


Coffee. (LOTS of coffee!)

I LOVE a good planning day! 

Molly and I got together for a full day of planning for 2020 and it felt so good to get clarity on the goals, projects and timelines for this new year.

Here’s the aftermath:

That picture makes me laugh because it looks like it’s chaos – and maybe it is – but it was really a deep, colorful, powerful conversation that left us feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Planning is SO important for mapping out where you want your business to go.

Similarly, it’s essential for designing your website. I’ve seen people skip this step completely, when really it’s the very first thing you should do.

In fact – we were at a different planning meeting not too long ago. We’re redesigning a client’s website (it’s been 5 years – time for a refresh!) and at our meeting, the client had a list of websites that she liked plus a list of things that she wanted to change on her current site.

But before we even cracked open our laptops, I grabbed a dry erase marker and turned our attention to the big dry erase board in the conference room.

I had four columns on the board:

  1. Goals
  2. Ideal Customer
  3. Vibe
  4. Functionality

We spent the next 45 minutes flushing out all of these and only when we exhausted our options did we start looking at the sample websites that she liked.

She left our meeting with a clear idea and a detailed PLAN for how we are going to redesign her website so that it attracts and converts her ideal client.

In this Facebook Live I dive deep into each of these elements: goals, your ideal customer, your vibe, and the functionality of your site (i.e. what do you need it to be able to do?)

If designing (or redesigning!) your website is one of your goals for 2020, this video will help you get that project moving in the right direction!



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