Show the Footer Some Love

Show The Footer Some Love!

We always concentrate so much on the homepage of our website and how pretty it looks and if it has information on it that people want and need. But how often do we pay attention to what we put in the footer of our website?

Increasingly the footer is becoming a more important and prominent place for your visitors to find information on your site and it’s one area that shouldn’t be neglected.

Why is the footer so important?

Think about how often you visit a website from your mobile device. I’ll bet you anything that you say it’s pretty much all the time!

But the problem is when you look at a site on your phone it’s what we call “mobile responsive”. So a lot of what shows up on your homepage is not going to show up or it’s going to show up in a different manner.

That’s the perfect opportunity for you to utilize the footer at the bottom of your site so that your visitors can find what they need quickly and easily.

Here are our suggestions for some of the top things that you can include in the footer of your website:

Hours & Phone Number

How many times do you find yourself out and about and you want to check to see if a restaurant or store is open? You pull out your phone (not while driving, of course!) and start clicking around, looking for the phone number or store hours. But you can’t find it anywhere.

Don’t make your visitors dig for that information! Put it right in the footer of your site!


So many people now are using Google Maps to give them GPS information. Embed the Google map right at the bottom of your website and make it easy peasy for someone to click on and instantly start their Google maps navigation.

Social Media Icons

Putting your social media icons at the bottom of your footer is in a great way for you to make sure that your visitors stay engaged with you on other platforms that you’re on.  Just make sure that the link opens in a brand new window so that they’re not leaving your website entirely when they click on!

Quick Links

When your website is mobile responsive you’ll notice that your primary navigation turns into three little lines that we call a hamburger menu.

Hamburger Menu

It makes it a little more difficult for your user to drill down (especially if you use a lot of sub menus in your main navigation).

If you know there are certain pages that your visitors will look for when they come to your site, put together a Quick Links menu and put it right in the footer so that it’s easy for them to find.

Legal Info

Terms of use, privacy policy, and a disclaimer! Do you have these on your website?

If you don’t, you need to!

Here’s a link to our blog post that tells you all the legal stuff you NEED to have on your website (and why it’s so important!) You’ll also want to put a copyright at the bottom. While having that there isn’t going to fully protect you, it will give you at least a little bit of legal coverage if someone decides to rip off your content!

Upcoming Events

if you have a business that holds events, you can embed a calendar widget right there at the bottom of your site to capture your visitor’s attention. If you don’t have regularly scheduled events, you may want to rotate out different items in this spot so that you don’t have a blank hole when you don’t have an event going on!

Email Sign Up

The footer is a great place for you to put your email sign up for an opt in or free guide. (I usually suggest not putting in a link to your actual email address because that’s just a magnet for spam!)


Got some client love? Share it with the world! Pop in some rotating testimonials in the footer. It’s also a good spot to list any places where you’re published!

Wrap Up

Now that you have some ideas, go out and give your footer some love! One word of caution, however! Don’t overload your footer with TOO much info. Find the right balance of giving your visitors the info they’re looking for and they’ll thank you for it.

Until next time!




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