Friends don’t let friends Yahoo.

What’s In a Name?

Before I begin, raise your hand if your business email address has,, or even worse,

Okay, for those of you with your hands raised high, I’m not judging you (really, I’m not!). But you need to get rid of it. Like, right now! With the bevy of email options that are available now, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have an email address with your company name, like

Your email address is advertising for your business; you want to represent yourself and your business in the most professional manner. Having an email address with your company is a small, but important, factor to consider.

Now that we got that out of the way, when you bought your domain name and hosting for your website, you most likely had the option to choose to have an email associated with your domain name (like in the above example: What you may not realize is that when you tie your email to your hosting provider, if you decide to switch hosts, you need to consider how that affects your access to your email.

If you’re anything like me, the mere thought of losing my emails is enough to keep me up at night!

In addition to that, we were having some issues with our web hosted email:

  • Sometimes emails that we thought were reaching our clients weren’t.
  • Sometimes the outgoing mail server simply wouldn’t send our emails and we had to choose another outgoing server to get them to go through.
  • The webmail interface is pretty lousy. Let’s face it: using something with a name like Squirrel Mail (which is what my previous host provider used) just begs the question about its efficiency. It’s clunky and not user friendly and I always forgot the link that I needed to sign in to my webmail.
  • But most importantly, we realized that if the hosting company had issues, not only would our website be affected but so would our email. Which would be bad. (Very bad!)

These issues made me frustrated with my current email provider and I decided that I wanted to switch. I kept seeing information about Gmail for Business (now called Google Workspace). So we took it for a spin with their free trial. And fell in love.

Now, you may be thinking, “Donna, if it’s Gmail doesn’t that mean that my email will be and why is that any better than or” Here’s the beautiful part: not only will you be using Gmail’s servers and other amazing functions, you can also have your email be your own custom domain! Yup…that’s right! Workspace allows you to use Gmail with an email address like

Another great feature is that it’s only $6 per email address each month. Cheap and awesome is a winning combination in my book!

How do I get Gmail for Business?

  1. Go to their link:
  2. Follow the prompts and sign up for an account with a free, 14-day trial.
  3. You will need a domain name; if you haven’t purchased one yet through a registrar like GoDaddy, you can purchase one through Google during the registration process. But it’s super easy to purchase one through GoDaddy in advance.
  4. As you walk through the steps, you will have to verify your domain name with Google. There are 4 different options that are provided in the setup. If you want more information about it, here is a link that explains it in more detail.
  5. Once you verify your domain, you will have to set what’s called the MX Record in your domain to tell it to use Google’s servers. Again, you will be walked through this step during the setup process but here’s a link that explains it in more detail.
  6. Once you have your account all set up, you can access your email by going to your Gmail account or you can configure your Macmail (if you’re using a Mac) or Outlook if that’s what you’re using.

I promise, the above steps may seem a bit daunting at first but Google really does hold your hand and walks you through it during the setup. And I have found them to be incredibly helpful when I’ve called for assistance.

The best part is that once you’ve set up your Workspace Gmail account, you can switch hosting providers for your website and never have to worry about your email again!

Until next time!




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