One that not only LOOKS awesome but also makes TONS of people want to hire you or buy from you?

As an entrepreneur, you KNOW that you need a website.

But you’re too embarrassed to even tell people about the one you have because it was built years ago and you cringe every time you look at it. 

Or you don’t even have a site but you keep putting it off because, well, you know.

It’s. Just. Too. H-A-R-D.

Here’s the great news: 

Building your own website can actually be easy. And fun. And even the biggest “tech-phobe” can do it. (Yes, even you!)

Hang out with me for a minute, I’d love to show you how…

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You need a website for your business.

  • You’d love to hire a designer, but it’s just not in your budget.

  • You don’t want to rely on someone else every time you have an edit to make to your site. 

  • You wish there was someone who would hold your hand and walk you through it, step by step.

Imagine creating a professional-looking website that feels like you and resonates with your potential customers and brings in sales.

Imagine knowing how to run your site on your own without feeling dependent on somebody else to make a quick and simple change.

Imagine that building your own website was FUN and not overwhelming or “techie”.

Now, imagine doing that with all the resources you need in one place in an easy-to-follow format and with “on demand” Q&A help in a private Facebook group.

Introducing the Simple, Better Way to Build Your WordPress Website:

With MavroCreative’s Build Your Own Website Course, you’ll design the website you need for your business AND best of all, you’ll get the support you need every step of the way. You’re never left hanging, wondering what to do, if you get stuck.  

Best of all, you don’t even need to be a “techie” to get through it!

Follow along as a professional designer lays it out for you in every module.

The Build Your Own Website course includes immediate access to easy-to-follow training videos that walk you through building your WordPress website from scratch, in manageable, bite-sized pieces.

Each module builds off of the other and gives you a step-by-step path to follow.

No more wasting time because you’ll know exactly what to do and exactly what you need to check off every time you sit down at your computer.

No more wasting money since you have a pro giving you the list of the tools she uses every day in her own website business.

So, who’s teaching this course AND who’ll be answering your questions?

Hi, I’m Donna – the founder of MavroCreative.

For the past 7 years, I’ve designed beautiful, high-converting WordPress websites for nearly every industry and niche. It’s what I do every day at MavroCreative. Our clients pay thousands (literally, $2,150 and up!) for us to design and build their website.

While I love designing for clients, I also love to teach people how to build, edit, and maintain their own websites. Because empowering fellow entrepreneurs is really important to me.

Since not everyone has the budget (or desire) to hire a designer, I saw a need in the market for a comprehensive course that taught entrepreneurs how to build a WordPress website from start to finish.

I knew it had to be affordable, easy to follow, and give people a sense of accomplishment and control with building a website on their own.

This is how the Build Your Own Website course was born. 

If you’re ready to finally create the website that you need for your business, jump onboard! I’d love to have you join the fun!


Want to Know What Other Thriving Online Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Bloggers Are Saying About the Build Your Own WordPress Website Course?

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“I LOVE Donna’s teaching style! It feels like I’m sitting down with a friend and learning something together; as if I’m being brought alongside someone who wants to make things easy and approachable and very much makes it that way!

-Elizabeth Shaw

“With Donna’s guidance, I made more progress in two months than I had in the previous six months on my own.

Even though this course is self-directed, Donna provides a high-touch experience in the Private Facebook page. She is quick to provide guidance or a step-by-step video tutorial if needed.

This is unlike any other course I’ve taken! I’m no longer afraid of ‘breaking’ something. No matter what your skill level is, I very highly recommend the BYO course.”

– Tasha Walters 

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to create a clear roadmap that will take you step by step from getting your site started to getting it launched

  • How you can customize that generic WordPress theme so that it’s unique to YOUR business and doesn’t look like everyone else’s

  • How to create an awesome blog so that you can share all that amazing content you’re creating with the world

  • Got things to sell? We’ll teach you exactly how you can set up an online storefront quickly and easily so you can start earning cash

  • How to add SEO to your site so people can find you online

Hands-On Support When You Need It!

You’ll won’t have to search a support forum or YouTube for help again!

Exclusive Private Facebook Group Just for BYO Website Members

Sure, you’ve seen FB groups before but our group blows the others away!

Not only do you get the support from other awesome DIYers but you get Donna who will jump in and answer your questions, often with a video tutorial to show you exactly how to do it!

It’s Like Having a
A Website Designer At Your Desk

You become the designer as I transfer my knowledge and skills to you. If you get stuck or have a question, you can pop over into the Facebook group and hit me up.

“I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on a variety of WordPress courses.

Then I discovered Donna’s course, the most affordable and the most rewarding of all my adventures in creating web sites. She walks you through each step with optimism, sweetness, and clarity. And I was hooked! She made it fun!”

– Martha Finney (

Let’s break down each module

(Then, watch the sneak peek video below where I log into the course and show you exactly what you’ll see once you’re in it):

The Basics Needed to Start a WordPress Website

Whether you’ve dabbled in WordPress or have never touched the platform, we cover need to know basics (that even the experienced don’t often know) so that you get started quickly and easily the right way.

How to Plan Your Project and Organize Your Site Layout

Before you jump into WordPress, I show you how to identify exactly what you need on your site for your unique business so that you build a website that speaks to and attracts your ideal customer.

Everything You Need to Know About Themes

You’ll save hours of time searching for the “perfect” theme, because I recommend the one we use for most of the sites we build for our own clients! And I give you the deets on what to look for in a theme so that you know the one you’re using will do what you need it to do.

Get Up and Running Quickly

We’ll get WordPress installed and all set up so you don’t waste time figuring out what settings you need to change or even what size your pictures need to be on your site.

How to Build Your Website

This is where the magic happens! Watch my screen as I walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know to build your website. I build a website from scratch, so work alongside me or watch the videos once and come back to do the work.

All About Website Maintenance

Now you have an amazing website, let’s maintain it and keep it backed up. Admittedly the least sexy of all of the modules, this baby is a must if you want to keep your website safe and secure. 

You Also Get These Support Guides and Checklists!

Ready for a Sneak Peek?

Watch The Video Below for an Exclusive Insider Look at the Course

”I cannot believe that I was able to build my own beautiful, functional, and customized website from scratch! MavroCreative’s Build Your Own Website Course walked me through, step by step, in clear detail, all that I needed to know and I did it!!

The course is broken up into manageable modules that addresses everything from the basics to trends in website design and branding. For me the best part is that Donna teaches how to plan and CUSTOMIZE a website to be just what you envision. I had tried to build my own website before using expensive preloaded themes which always came up short and were too limiting to achieve the look and function that I wanted. I will refer to this course, again and again, to change, tweak, and adjust my site to meet my goals as my business grows. I am so excited to have this resource at my fingertips!!

-Ann Ross (

That’s not all!

 I’ve also included some incredible bonuses to supercharge your website.

You Also Get These Bonus Training Videos Worth $188 Absolutely FREE:

Get found on Google with special FREE training from SEO Expert Melysha Acharya!

Melysha has managed SEO and/or provided strategy for major national and international brands, including GE Healthcare, General Pacific, Global Knowledge, Honda Powersports, Talbots, Chadwicks, Territory Ahead and ObserveIT.

Start Selling Your Stuff Online With WooCommerce

You learn how to install and set up WooCommerce, the most common online storefront platform used with WordPress.

Customize Your Site With Google Fonts

You’ll learn how to install Google fonts if your theme doesn’t already have them installed. You’ll also learn how to use custom CSS to use the fonts.

Double bonus – we include a cheat sheet for some fabulous font pairings you may want to try (courtesy of a designer’s eye).

Setup Your Business Email Using Gmail

By using Gmail’s platform you can still use your custom email address (i.e. with Gmail’s efficient and easy-to-use interface, reliable servers, and never have to worry about emails not reaching your clients because of outgoing mail server errors.

With the Build Your Own Website course, we’ve also included a generous…

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you don’t get the results promised (which is a fully functioning WordPress website) in this course, we will gladly refund your money within 30 days of purchase.

All you have to do is show us that you went through the entire course, took each step, and completed the downloads. If you took each step and still don’t have a functioning website, we will gladly issue a refund of your money. Read the full terms and conditions here.

So, what's your investment?

Choose from two convenient payment options!

Either option gets you immediate access to every module and all of the bonuses and guides!

One Time

Single Payment of

$497 (save $85!)

Pay Monthly

6 Payments of


NEW! Basic Level!

Single Payment of


To make the BYO Website Online Course even more affordable, I’m offering a new level!

You get the entire course but WITHOUT access to the Private Facebook Group! Best value for those on a budget!

You’ll Never Have to Watch Another YouTube Video Again!

When it comes to WordPress, there’s no shortage of how-to videos online. The problem is that you need to “know what you don’t know” in order to find what you need and even then, the information is often conflicting and there’s no one to ask if you have questions.

With MavroCreative’s Build Your Own Website online course, you have a real, live website designer (me!) along with other people just like you in our private Facebook community that you can reach out to if you get stuck.

I’ve watched people who know nothing about WordPress or designing a website, create beautiful, high-converting websites from scratch using this course.

So let’s get you on your way to creating your beautiful, new WordPress site!

Hear From More Confident DIYer's!

“I wanted to take this course to learn more about using WordPress, as I already had some knowledge. The lessons were laid out so that I was able to follow along and not feel overwhelmed. They were short lessons, but full of information, interesting and well thought out. I liked how I could always go back and re-watch a lesson if I needed to. I also liked how I could follow along while working on my site and pause the videos, do some work, then keep watching. I learned so much and was excited to watch my site come alive!

I now feel confident that I could build a website from the beginning!”

-Alicia Walsh, Boston

“MavroCreative’s course was focused, concise, and targeted. It cut through all the ‘noise’ and walked step by step through the process. From the initial modules that helped me my articulate my brand and my goals, through to the technical aspects of building my site, this course was clear and direct. It gave me the confidence to tackle the job head-on.”

-Anne Lyon

Ready to get your hands on the course and get to building?

Choose from two convenient payment options!

Either option gets you immediate access to every module and all of the bonuses and guides!

One Time

Single Payment of

$497 (save $85!)

Pay Monthly

6 Payments of


NEW! Basic Level!

Single Payment of


To make the BYO Website Online Course even more affordable, I’m offering a new level!

You get the entire course but WITHOUT access to the Private Facebook Group! Best value for those on a budget!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any additional costs associated with this course?

The only additional cost you will incur is the price of your hosting for your website. Who you choose for your hosting is entirely up to you; therefore, the price will be whatever you pay for the host you choose.

Throughout the course, I reference free plugins and themes that are used. In addition, I may make recommendations for plugins that are not free, but they are not required.

I've never tried to build a website before. Will I be able to do this?

Yes! Most of our members have very little, if any, experience with building a website. The course will make even a “newbie” feel comfortable and empowered. I explain all terms and concepts the way that I would if I were talking to a friend. You will never feel like you’re not geeky enough to be in this course!!

When do I get access to the course material and the bonuses?

Immediately! As soon as you enroll and your first payment is received, you will have access to all of the modules and lessons, including any bonuses and downloads. You can review them at your own pace at any time.

Is this course geared toward people who have WordPress experience already?

No, you don’t have to have any experience with WordPress for this course. I start from the very beginning and teach the course as if I’m teaching beginners. This is great because you not only learn the basics, but you learn about more advanced features and options in an easy-to-understand way.

Whether you’re a beginner or have experience with WordPress, you’ll be able to build a beautiful and functional WordPress site using this course.

Do I have to have all of my photos, graphics, and media laid out before I start the course?

No, you don’t. Many people don’t know what they need or haven’t decided what they want on their website, which is why I help you over this hurdle.

I have a module dedicated to how to plan and layout your site. It includes a roadmap for how to determine the photos and graphics you’ll need and my favorite places to find them.  

I walk you from your idea of “I need to build a website for my business” all the way through to a final site, so everything you need to do and the order you need to do it in is covered in the course. 

Do you teach us how to build a mobile-friendly website that is responsive and user-friendly?

Yes, I do. You’ll learn how to assess themes and what to look for in the website theme you choose plus which mobile-friendly, FREE theme I love. I also show you how to resize your images for the web, so that your website loads quickly and provides a great experience for your end user.

What if I don't like the course? Can I get my money back?

If you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you that I’m a people-pleaser! I WANT you to be happy and I WANT you to be successful in this course. If you don’t get the results promised in this course, which is a fully functioning WordPress website, I will gladly refund your money within 30 days of purchase.

The only catch is that you show me that you actually went through the entire course, completed the downloads and all of the steps outlined in the modules, and still didn’t have a functioning website at the end. If at that point you aren’t happy with your results, I’ll gladly issue you a refund. Please review our terms and conditions here.

How long will it take me to go through the course and finish my website?

It totally depends! The amount of video time adds up to about 11 hours. But the actual amount of time you spend completing your “cheat sheets” and integrating what you’ve learned varies so much from person to person. You may spend a lot more time on the planning and content development phase than someone else. Or you may have 40 pages of content to add to your site.

If I had to give an estimate, I would confidently say that within 3 weeks, start to finish, you will have a website that will give everyone else in your field website envy!

Can I contact Donna directly for help If I have specific questions regarding my website?

Donna will be available within the private Facebook group to answer questions you may have as you go through the course. She is not available via private messenger, email, phone or text.

If you purchase additional coaching hours, Donna is available via email and will personally record tutorials specific to any questions that you have or areas within your site that you need help with.

Do you show us how to connect our social media profiles, such as Facebook and Instagram, to our website?

Absolutely! When we build out your website, I’ll show you how to add social media graphics to it as well as how to link your individual profiles so people can follow you. 

Get Your Hands on the Build Your Own Website Course and Start Building A WordPress Site That Attracts More Traffic, Improves Your Credibility, and Increases Your Inquiries ( or Sales)!

Choose from two convenient payment options!

Either option gets you immediate access to every module and all of the bonuses and guides!

One Time

Single Payment of

$497 (save $85!)

Pay Monthly

6 Payments of


NEW! Basic Level!

Single Payment of


To make the BYO Website Online Course even more affordable, I’m offering a new level!

You get the entire course but WITHOUT access to the Private Facebook Group! Best value for those on a budget!