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Lynn Morgan Carpenter


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Project Overview

Lynn Morgan Carpenter is an author, speaker, and coach, specializing in transformation; how it serves our lives and helping others work through it. She speaks to women who have an open mind and seek personal growth and development. 

With a goal to be recognized as a thought leader, Lynn wanted a brand and website that would reflect her approachable, mindful, kind and caring personality and position her as the credible and authentic transformational coach that she is… and so we kicked off the fun!

color palette including blues and yellows

Getting to Know Lynn

Lynn helps others identify when they’re being called to transformation and how to navigate the phases of it without getting stuck in the cycle. She’s currently working on her first book, which will be infused with her own personal stories of recent transformation in her own life and stories of others’ transformations, emphasizing that transformation is a universal event.

For years, Lynn has worked with with women, helping them to be brave and develop confidence to make necessary change in spite of fear and uncertainty. She’s intuitive and sensitive to others, and people feel comfortable around her rather quickly, as she’s super approachable, kind, caring, and fun. Her brand and website had to reflect this.

Ideal Customer

Females, age 35-55

Women looking for guidance and support in identifying and creating essential change in their lives— for those who truly desire to walk the path that was intended and designed for them.

Brand Adjectives

sophisticated, mature, safe, comfortable, non-judgment, intuitive, wise, brave, courageous, confident, empowered


Lynn’s project kicked off with a branding questionnaire, as all of our branding projects do, and an exploratory phone call. We learned that Lynn wanted her target audience to feel safe, comfortable, and non-judged. The brand should convey feelings of maturity, intuitiveness, bravery and confidence and we chose colors to reflect those emotions.

Because her work is based on transformation, she was open to ways that concept could be conveyed graphically and also told us a story about feathers and the importance they hold for her. She knew the feather had to be light and airy but also strong and sturdy — we love a challenge!

Below you’ll find the three concepts we presented to Lynn, and you’ll see that she chose Concept 3 with some slight revisions. We worked together to make a few edits, polishing the concept to create the finalized branding board you see below.

3 original branding concepts

Final Branding Board

Our final branding board is below, calling out the various layouts of the logo and submarks, along with the color final palette and values for print and web. We package up these files for the client and organize them by project type: Print (EPS, PDFs, and JPEGS in cmyk format) and Web (JPEGS in rgb format, and  PNGs) for easy access in future projects.  This gives the client the tools to put its new brand into action.

Lynn knew she’d be creating her own social media graphics as she worked on content creation and wanted to have plenty of submark options that would work well on various colored backgrounds and that she could easily use herself.

lynn morgan carpenter's branding board with logos and submarks and color palette


Main Website Goals

Website to serve as marketing engine

Vehicle to list building and growing an audience

Position Lynn as a thought leader

About the Website

After branding a client, the transition to website design is an easy (and super fun) one. We couldn’t wait to dive into the design, using this stunning color palette of light blues, deep green/blues, and bright yellows and brand new logos and submarks that represent Lynn so perfectly.

Lynn provided us her website content which included copy and imagery. She’d recently done a photoshoot which gave us lots of gorgeous material to work with, which is especially helpful when the client is the brand itself. We then created project timeline with deliverables, a flowchart, and home page mockup. Next, we designed the home page and interior page to ensure that she liked the direction of the design and finally we moved on to complete the site design.

Testimonial Headshot, Lynn Morgan Carpenter Branding and Website Design

Kind Words from Lynn:

"Working with MavroCreative was a wonderful experience! I felt guided, supported, and valued throughout the entire process, and the human touch both Donna and Molly provided was comforting. They were always professional, organized, and responsive to all of my questions and needs. Now I have branding and a website that I am proud of! Seeing it all pulled together for the first time literally brought tears to my eyes."

Lynn Morgan Carpenter

mavrocreative submark, black with big white m

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