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Excellence Unbounded


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Project Overview

Excellence Unbounded is an executive coaching business, working with leaders seeking to disrupt the status quo, transform paradigms, and present new, innovative solutions.

When business owner Shawnette Rochelle approached MavroCreative, she was looking to update her brand, while maintaining the infinity symbol that appeared in her existing logo. She also wanted a fresher, better functioning website to convey the high quality service she delivers to clients. She explained that her current site was updated piecemeal and was a reflection of the evolution of her journey but it was becoming cumbersome. Shawnette, who is bilingual, wanted her website to be offered in both English and Spanish and also wanted to put a spotlight on her speaking services. She started her project with our copywriter and moved along to branding and website design next.

Color Palette Excellence Unbounded

Getting to Know Excellence Unbounded

Shawnette Rochelle offers 1:1 executive coaching and executive off-sites primarily and also offers workshops that can be tailored for delivery to organizations of various sizes. At Excellence Unbounded, Shawnette helps leaders develop additional leadership capacity through executive coaching with a targeted focus on 4 areas: Mindset, Courage, Resilience, and Innovation.

Ideal Customer

Age 30-55

Executive or an entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the status quo to solve complex problems (e.g. data privacy, climate change, automation, the future of work, digital payments, smart cities, social justice).

These individuals are lifelong learners, they are interested in doing the self-reflective work, they want to solve problems, and they want to develop their leadership skills in order to lead the change they are seeking. Some of these individuals have had fairly limited opportunities to serve in leadership positions that have prepared them for the steps they are trying to take.

Brand Adjectives

Bold | Motivational


Shawnette’s branding project kicked off with a branding questionnaire, as all of our branding projects do, and an exploratory phone call. Shawnette had an existing logo designed by a family member that featured an infinity symbol, which expressed the unbounded/infinite potential for excellence that lies within every leader. The meaning of that symbol was significant to her business and Shawnette wanted to maintain that in her new logo.

Below you’ll find a handful of concepts we presented to Shawnette, that were accompanied by a video walk-through to explain the design choices behind each concept. We worked together to make a few edits, polishing the concept to create the finalized branding board that you see below.

Initial Branding Concepts for Excellence Unbounded

Final Branding Board

Our final branding board is below, calling out the various layouts of the logo and submarks, along with the color final palette and values for print and web. We package up these files for the client and organize them by project type: Print (EPS, PDFs, and JPEGS in cmyk format) and Web (JPEGS in rgb format and PNGs) for easy access in future projects. This gives the client the tools to put its new brand into action. We also include a video-walkthrough that informs the client how the files are organized and when to reach for a specific file-type, depending on the project.

Final Branding Board Excellence Unbounded


Main Website Goals

Generate New Business

Highlight Speaker Opportunities

About the Website

After finalizing such a bold and colorful brand, we could hardly wait to jump into Shawnette’s new website design. Shawnette had been working with our copywriter so we were able to kick off the content submission with ease and jump into our favorite part - the design.

Shawnette had recently done a headshot photoshoot which gave us lots of gorgeous imagery to work with and, being well-traveled, also provided a collection of photos she’d taken around the world (a designer’s dream!) With all of this beautiful material, the site was destined for greatness.

We created project timeline with deliverables, a flowchart, and home page mockup, designed the home page and interior page to ensure that she liked the direction of the design, and finally moved on to complete the site design. Once we finalized the English side of the site, we duplicated every page and used the Spanish content that Shawnette personally translated so that the entire site was also available in Spanish. The user can click on an English or Spanish button in the header of each page to choose his or her preferred language.

Graphic Design

Speaker Sheet graphic design - Excellence Unbounded
Shawnette Rochelle of Excellence Unbounded

Kind Words from Shawnette:

MavroCreative was AMAZING to work with! They were professional, clear in their communication, and delivered products that exceeded my expectations. When I was researching companies to partner with for a logo refresh and design of a new website, MavroCreative stood out from all the others I reviewed. I loved the style of their website and others in their portfolio. Better still, I loved how quickly Donna and I connected on my vision for the new logo and website. Throughout the process, I was impressed with how each step was executed with a high degree of customization and communication. I never felt like a cog in the wheel. In fact, during the process to get the final logo, I came to see just how much they cared about getting it right and incorporating all of my feedback. They carried that same commitment into the build of the new website, which blew me away.

Lots of companies design logos and/or build websites, but I am not certain all of them can offer you the personalization, care and quality of MavroCreative. The peace of mind that I felt during this process made it a pleasure to navigate a process that is inherently stressful. Thanks so much, Donna and Molly, for such a positive experience!"


Black Submark with Gold Accent Behind

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