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Leading 2 Serve


Logo and Brand Design
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Project Overview

Leading 2 Serve focuses on coaching and consulting related to leadership and organizational development. 

Scott Knutson, the founder and CEO, works with leaders seeking to disrupt the status quo, transform paradigms, and present new, innovative solutions. He has placed a focus on coaching using the L.O.V.E. process, which he explains is the start of a cultural change that places emphasis on helping people be the best versions of themselves. On the leadership and organizational development side, Scott helps individuals and teams improve performance through various interventions, including assessments, LEGO Serious Play, and other performance enhancing tools.

When Scott approached MavroCreative, he was already in the middle of working with another web development team, but wasn't pleased with the process. He felt he could benefit from a clean slate when it came to his new brand and website development—we agreed! 

Color Palette including blue, maroon and beige, Leading 2 Serve

What Sets Leading 2 Serve Apart?

In a crowded field of executive coaches and consultants, here's what helps Leading 2 Serve stand out: Scott's down to earth and approachable style attracts people, his "origin" story the L.O.V.E. process is powerful, the L.O.V.E process itself is totally unique, and the use of LEGO Serious Play helps people come to deep and significant realizations about themselves or their teams.

Ideal Customer

Senior leaders of small to medium enterprises who are already predisposed to putting people before profit, or leading with their heart.

Brand Adjectives

Bold | Motivational


This branding project kicked off with an exploratory phone call to get to know Scott, which was followed by completing a branding questionnaire. Scott knew that he wanted incorporate an upside down pyramid in his logo, which symbolizes turning the typical leadership triangle on its head. Additionally, he was interested in exploring dashes that would symbolize a winding road, since leading is a never-ending journey. During our discussions, we all agreed that since Scott encourages executives to "just lead with their hearts," we should explore the use of hearts while maintaining a level of masculinity.

Below you’ll find a handful of concepts we presented to Scott, that were accompanied by a video walk-through to explain the design choices behind each concept. We worked together to make a few edits, polishing the concept to create the finalized branding board that you see below.

Original branding concepts for Leading 2 Serve

Final Branding Board

Our final branding board includes various layouts of the logo and submarks, along with the color final palette and values for print and web. We also designed 3 custom seamless patterns using hearts, upside down triangles, and dotted, curvy lines. We package up these files for the client and organize them by project type: Print (EPS, PDFs, and JPEGs in cmyk format) and Web (JPEGs in RGB format and PNGs). We always include a video-walkthrough that informs the client how the files are organized and when to reach for a specific file-type, depending on whether they're planning a print or web project design.

Final Branding Board for Leading 2 Serve
3 unique branding patterns, Leading 2 Serve


Main Website Goals

Promote the L.O.V.E. Process

Create at information portal to position Scott as an industry leader

About the Website

We absolutely love heading into a website project for a client we've just finished branding. It makes the website design process seamless and polished, taking the guesswork out of what direction we'll go for the design, as that's already been established during the branding process.

The ultimate goal of this website was to create awareness about Scott’s L.O.V.E. coaching process and serve as an informational portal that Scott can refer to when speaking with executives about his services. 

We created project timeline with deliverables, a flowchart, and home page mockup, designed the home page and interior page and finally moved on to complete the site design. We implemented a Phase 2 for Scott, as well, as he was continuing to build out his content, which we launched a few months later. 

Social Media Templates

Scott creates significant content for social media platforms, with a focus on LinkedIn and Twitter, and also writes blog posts that are featured on his own website. He wanted to ensure he was utilizing his new branding in full capacity and wondered if we had recommendations. We created these template graphics in Canva (a design website for everyone, not just designers) that helps Scott maintain brand consistency across social media platforms and, best of all, he can do it himself using our templates.

Facebook Covers and Featured Images for Blog Posts, Leading 2 Serve
Linkedin and Twitter Covers for Leading 2 Serve
Social Media templates for Leading 2 Serve

Graphic Design

To create lead generation and build his audience, we recommended that Scott implement a lead magnet on his site. We designed the PDF handout below. You'll also find his business card design here too.

Collateral for Leading 2 Serve
Testimonial Headshot, Scott Knutson

Kind Words from Scott

As an executive consultant and coach, I want my clients to give themselves the advantage of hiring the best expertise at the start of their transformation journey. The same principle applies to engaging the best possible brand and website design experts when you start on your entrepreneurial journey. Not only are you setting the tone and experience expectations for your clients and prospects, but you are also creating a virtual world that you will be doing your best work in. Your branded look and website design is like your office. You want to continue to feel at your best every time you enter that space and do the work that inspires and excites your clients.

This is exactly the advantage you give yourself when you engage MavroCreative to design your branded look and website. Donna and Molly are the creative experts on your team who will translate your vision into a unique environment in which you and your clients can do your best work together.

Scott Knutson,

Black Submark with Gold Accent Behind

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