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WordPress Plugins

Must have plugins for your WordPress site

“Donna, which plugin should I use for [a calendar], [adding a form], [backing up my site], [other]….” We get this question a lot at MavroCreative. When there are literally thousands of plugins to choose from, it’s hard to figure out which ones you should use for your website. In this blog post, I’m listing some … Read more

WordPress Terms

What does that mean?

WordPress as a platform is ah-mazing but if you are new to it, WordPress terms can be confusing! If you follow us at all, you’ll know that we use WordPress to build all of our customers’ websites. But I have to admit, there’s some pretty weird terminology that may seem intimidating if you’re just getting … Read more

IG Post - Add an Opt-In Form

5 Free Opt-In Form Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Adding an opt-in form to your WordPress website is easier than you may think! What’s an opt-in form and why should you have one on your website? An opt-in is a form on your website where readers enter their email in exchange for free, valuable content.  And you should have one on your website because … Read more

Blog (1)

How to create a blog (the easy way!)

If you’re like most of my clients, the reason why you have a website is because you want visitors. But once you have them, you need to give them a reason to keep coming back. One way to accomplish that is by adding a blog to your site. Now, before you say, “Donna, I’m NOT … Read more

Resizing Images

How to resize your images without fancy software!

Resize Images to Make Them Web-Friendly In this post, we will give you some tips on how to actually edit your images and make them web-friendly – with free software! These same tips will also work if you have pictures that you want to email to someone but the file size is too big (friends … Read more

Difference Between WP

The difference between and

What’s the difference between and If you’re just getting started with WordPress, you may not know that there are actually TWO versions of WordPress that you can use. There’s and then there’s Yup! I have no idea why WordPress made this so confusing by calling both of them WordPress, but they’re … Read more

marketing your website

5 Tips for Marketing Your Website

How to Market Your Website Most people launch their website and then wait for visitors. But you can’t have a “build it and they will come” mentality with your website. (That only works for Kevin Costner!) If you want people to visit your website, you need to tell them about it! In the video below, … Read more

Blog Post Featured Image

Planning a website? Here are the 4 key questions you need to ask

Planning is SO important for mapping out where you want your business to go.

Similarly, it’s essential for designing your website. I’ve seen people skip this step completely, when really it’s the very first thing you should do.

Privacy Policy on Website

Yes! You NEED a privacy policy on your website.

You NEED a Privacy Policy on Your Website Privacy Policies are big these days. You’d be hard-pressed to visit a website and not see something along the lines of “We’ve updated our privacy policy. Click here to view it.” So, what’s the big deal with Privacy Policies and why do I have to be concerned … Read more


WordPress Is Making Some BIG Changes

Chances are if you follow my blog, you have a WordPress website.  Or you’re thinking about starting one. Or you have a friend who has one. Not surprising, since almost 28% of all of the websites on the internet are being powered by WordPress at the moment. While WordPress has grown and evolved over the … Read more

FB Algorithm

4-Step Marketing Plan Navigates Facebook Algorithm

In this week’s blog post, our special guest, Salome Schillack, talks all about the algorithm changes that Facebook recently announced. Salome was also my special guest on a recent Facebook Live where she talked all about it! Watch it here! Enjoy! ———————- 4-Step Marketing Plan Navigates Facebook Algorithm Don’t freak out. Yes, Facebook has announced … Read more

Website Images

Can you use that image?

Right-Click-Save-As May Cost You Money Here’s the scenario: You need a picture of a flower to use on your website. So you go to Google, type in “Hydrangeas”, find a picture that’s perfect, You “right-click-save-as” and download that beautiful picture to your computer and use it on your website (or e-newsletter or other online publication). … Read more

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