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Go Live or Go Home (1)

Go live or go home!

Why you NEED to be using Facebook Live to market your business. Facebook live isn’t new. Well, at least in terms of tech-time. It began in August 2015 and by April 2016 all Facebook users had the ability to go live from their Facebook accounts. Since that time, using live video streams has literally exploded. … Read more

Don't Forget the Footer

Show the Footer Some Love

Show The Footer Some Love! We always concentrate so much on the homepage of our website and how pretty it looks and if it has information on it that people want and need. But how often do we pay attention to what we put in the footer of our website? Increasingly the footer is becoming … Read more

no place like home page

There’s No Place Like Your Homepage

What Makes a Great Homepage? “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” It’s so true when it comes to your website. In today’s technology-driven world, we all want information instantly and if we don’t find what we’re looking for the second we land on a site, we move on to the … Read more

VA Blog Post

I could’ve had a VA

How a VA Got Me Through My Biggest Launch Whenever I hear someone use the term “VA” it reminds me of that commercial, “I could’ve had a V8”.  I guess I’ve always been tuned in to advertisements and commercials! You may know that I just recently had my first big online launch for our BYO … Read more

301 Redirect

How to Avoid the Dreaded “OOPS – Page Not Found”!

301 Redirect Those Babies! Have you ever moved from one house to another? If so, what did you do with your mail? Did you let it pile up at your old address? I didn’t think so! Instead, you told the trusty USPS to forward your mail to your new address! But I’ll bet you didn’t … Read more

How to Install the Facebook Pixel

Have a Facebook page and a website? You need the Facebook pixel!

I’ll be the first to admit this:  Eight months ago, I had NO CLUE what a Facebook pixel was. And quite honestly, I didn’t know why I should care! It wasn’t until a client asked me to install it on her website that I learned how invaluable it is and how you MUST have it … Read more

SSL Certificates

What’s the Dirt on the (SSL) Cert?

Updated January 2019: We covered the topic of what to do in a recent Facebook Live and we walk you through each of the steps. Watch it here: I love writing blog posts about fun things. Like how to use great photos on your site or what makes a homepage stand out. What I don’t … Read more

Moving to

Moving from to – The Easy Way!

  Like so many of our posts, the idea for this week’s blog post comes from a client. She had built her website on and quickly realized the limitations she had when it came to adding new features to her website. So she decided to move her site over to the self-hosted version of … Read more

Legally Protect Your Website

Is My Website Legally Protected?

My Website Was Legally Exposed I’ve been building websites for years. But I’m going to admit something: there was a BIG piece that I was missing and the ramifications are HUGE. I didn’t know that legally, you need to have certain provisions on your website. It wasn’t until I connected with our guest blogger, Attorney … Read more

7 Things to Think About

7 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Web Design Project

What’s the Plan, Stan? The fun part of designing a website is dreaming up ideas on what it can look like. For me, it’s kind of like when I decide to decorate a room – ripping pages out of magazines for inspiration, getting paint swatches and taping them to the wall, and cruising the aisles of my … Read more

Good Design Needs Repetition

Good Design Needs Repetition

I’m sorry….can you repeat that? Pretty much every member of my immediate family has a terrible habit of telling the same stories over and over. It used to be something I saw in my parents; I’d kind of roll my eyes and chuckle as the same stories seemed to come up time and time again. … Read more

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Pop-ups. Love ’em or hate ’em. But they’re effective marketing tools for many business owners (including MavroCreative!) as long as they’re used the proper way. Pop-Up Basics What do we mean by a pop-up? You’ve probably been on a site, cruising along, when suddenly something appears on your screen. That’s a pop-up, or otherwise known to marketers … Read more

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