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Fonts (1)

What the Font?

All About Fonts Fonts! They can really add personality and flair to your design, but knowing how to pair fonts (and when to use them sparingly) takes a little bit of design know-how. There are some hard and fast design “rules” but there’s also room for your own intuition and style when deciding which fonts … Read more

Gmail for Business (1)

Friends don’t let friends Yahoo.

What’s In a Name? Before I begin, raise your hand if your business email address has,, or even worse, Okay, for those of you with your hands raised high, I’m not judging you (really, I’m not!). But you need to get rid of it. Like, right now! With the bevy of email … Read more

What makes for good design

Good Design Needs Contrast

Good Design Needs Contrast “I have no idea what makes a good design,” is something that I hear often. “I just don’t have an eye for it.” But, this isn’t true and I’ll show you why! Even if you aren’t sure what principles make a strong design, you can probably spot a great one from … Read more


Productivity Tips: Behind the Scenes with MavroCreative

Let’s Get Productive At MavroCreative, it’s not uncommon for us to be juggling several different website and graphic design projects simultaneously. And while Molly and I like to think that we have insane superpowers, there’s only so much that we can keep organized in our heads before things get crazy. That’s why we love to … Read more

Copy of Copy of tutorials

All About SEO

All About SEO Let’s face it. You just spent time and money building your site and you want your customers to be able to find you. One of the first things that are clients will ask us when we have completed their website is, “How can I be found on Google?” The term for that … Read more


Build a Winning Website with WordPress

You need a website for your business. So why would you want to use WordPress to build your website when there are other platforms that are out there that you could use as well? When a potential client contacts MavroCreative because they need to have a website built, we explain to them that we build … Read more


How to Change the Image and Text that Facebook Uses in Your Post

How Do I Change the Image/Text On A Facebook Post? This past week a client asked us how to change the image that Facebook was using when she posted the URL to her website. She also didn’t like the title and description that they were using. It was such a simple fix and I thought … Read more


Bugs and malware and hackers…oh my!

When we mention the word “maintenance” to our website clients, 99% of the time they think we are only referring to content or text updates to their website. And while regular content updates are important (especially for keeping your site fresh and search engine optimized) the most important reason for maintaining your site is for security … Read more

Business Card Design, MavroCreative LLC in Hingham MA

Mind Your Business (Card)!

Did we get your attention? A good business card design should do just that. It’s an awfully small piece of real estate—the standard business card is 2 x 3.5 inches—that has a big job to do. Your business card should reflect your brand, look professional, and deliver your contact information in a clear and concise … Read more

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